Shows and Workshops

Bantus Capoeira Australia Inc. brings the tropical vibes direct from Brazil’s party capitals to spice up the Perth party scene and add flavour to any event. We have been performing in Perth since 1996 and we know how to create an amazing atmosphere appropriate to any scale event.

Our shows can transport the audience to the beaches, favela parties, sugar cane fields and magical landscape of Brazil’s paradise on earth. Bantus brings together rhythmic live music of percussion, Samba Batucada, Axe, Samba Reggae and contemporary Brazilian beats with traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms of Samba de Roda and Capoeira de Angola that go right back to the root of Brazil’s foundations 500 years ago. All this combined with spectacular visual displays of Capoeira, awesome acrobatics, wild Afro dances and fiery Maculele will take you on an all sensory journey through the history and cultural experience that is contemporary Brazil. Our group of performers are available weekday evenings from 5:30pm onwards or weekends to appear at your event. 
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Our packages and show items that you can book for different themes:
Capoeira Roda and solos

Capoeira is a dynamic visual display of martial arts, acrobatic and gymnastic floor movements, combining grace and fluidity with energy and enthusiasm that will both animate and inspire. Performers stand out in their white uniform and the display is sure to stop everyone in their tracks and capture attention. The ‘roda’ or circle needs some room and a stable floor and traditionally 2 people play in the centre of a group of singers and musicians. We play live music with percussive instruments and always get the crowd going as well with joining in by clapping along with us. We usually finish up with a series of solos from our skilled acrobats, putting together deft defying leaps, flips, tumbles and back bending holds into dazzling sequences to captivate the audience. This end of the piece usually requires music from iPod to perform, but can be done with live percussion as the client requests.
Add an interactive workshop with your performance to help children and adults participate. Adding a 20 minute workshop to your performance can really add to the audience’s experience.
Show length: Variable and tailored to suit the need of each show, usually 15-20 minute sets.

Maculelê and tribal drumming

Maculele is a traditional fight from Afro-Brazil, performed with sticks and machetes. The piece is performed in full costume of grass skirts, body and face paint and animal print. It’s a wild and fiery piece that dramatises the struggle of African slaves freeing themselves from bondage in Brazil’s early days. The moves are dramatic, acrobatic and make a visual impact and are accompanied by tribal beats and live drumming. The machetes are optional, but often create a display of sparks that look sensational in dim lighting. Both mesmerising and energetic, this piece is great to tell a story to go with a theme or create a centrepiece that is unforgettable. Adding a historical and cultural depth can also help by telling the story of colonisation in Brazil to add to the experience of the audience.
Show length: Variable to suit needs of the event, usually 5-10 minutes. Can be combined with other elements listed.

Afro-Dance and tribal drumming

Our Afro-Dance will transport you to West Africa, and make you want to get up and join in! Our female performers dress in black and animal print with raffia and bead accessories to add the sounds of the jungle to our movements. The dance is visually beautiful, dynamic and fast and accompanied by fiery live drumming and traditional African rhythms. It can also been done in a reasonably small area and suits all kinds of events and themes.
Show length: 5 minutes. Can be shortened or lengthened to 10 minutes as required.


The first thing everyone thinks of as the image of Brazil is a beautiful girl dancing Samba, the unique cultural dance of Brazil, now known worldwide as it’s most popular export. Bantus offers a traditional take on Samba, bringing it back to its roots in 1930’s Rio, with all the theatre and spice that goes with it. The dancers all vie for attention in a circle of clapping, singing participants, accompanied by live music and drumming. The dancers wear old school clothing and women wear traditional skirts and peasant style costumes to transport you back to the era when sexiness was subtle. This piece can be performed for an audience or utilised as a way of getting people to join in and try something new and fun with audience members dancing and participating as well. 
Show length: Variable to meet need, 15-30 minutes. Can be combined with any other element.

Batucada drumming

Samba batucada is Brazil’s party theme tune, with big drums and percussion spicing up the party. Bantus offers this as an add-on to other bookings, but not as a stand alone act. 
Live percussion and drumming: Needing to add some live drumming to your event, but don’t have the space for Capoeira or any of the above, consider contacting Bantus to deliver some tropical vibes to your event.