We have lots of funky, practical clothing to train in!


White pants designed specifically for Capoeira. You will need a cord to hold them up or your meia lua will turn into a lua cheia…
These are essential for training, grading at the Batizado and group events
Sizes S, M, L, XL


Colourful pants designed with special stretchy fabric for Capoeira and elastic waist, acrobatics and generally jumping around. They are super comfortable and are great to wear at home, jogging or at the gym, as well as of course at Capoeira
Sizes S, M, L, XL

T-shirts and Singlets

All colours and awesome eye catching designs to show off to your friends that you are a true Capoeirista! T-shirts come in variety of fabrics and styles all built to help train crazy moves and withstand Capoeira demands!
Sizes in Mens S, M, L
Sizes in Womens S, M, L

Capoeira accessories

Shoes in various sizes and colours with good soles designed for Capoeira

Key chains and bumper stickers

Drink bottles

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