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Want to contact Bantus?

We may be contacted via email in the form below or you can call one of the following people:
Professor GrĂ£o
> 0414 076 655
Instructor Risadinha
> 0403 539 187
Committee President Voodoo
> 0409 890 844


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Our Grupo Bantus Capoeira Family Worldwide:
> Grupo Bantus Capoeira Brazil
> Grupo Bantus Capoeira Singapore with Contra Mestre Claudinho
> Grupo Bantus Capoeira Indonesia with Graduado David
> Grupo Bantus Capoeira Japan with Graduado Cacapa
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Our Local Brazil Association:
> Brazil WA

Groups we regularly perform with:
> Beleza Samba
> Divas Latinas

Capoeira is excellent for children of all ages, as it is a Brazilian non-contact martial art that combines dance, kicks, acrobatics, music, singing and percussion woven into one fun and amazing activity for everyone.

Capoeira teaches children balance, flexibility, strength, agility, confidence, co-ordination, fitness and is a lot of fun! Classes are taught with games and activities to keep kids interested and engaged in learning. Brazilian music, singing and percussion are always added to the end of the class to add to the cultural experience. Safety always comes first and we have adult helpers in addition to our Instructor to help children join in and enjoy their class and we practice acrobatics on a mat with assistance until the children feel that they can try out the moves safely on their own.

We teach a stratfied class according to age and skill level, where younger children 3-5 years and beginners begin at 9:30am with more game based learning and base moves. Then all children join together for music at 10am. After this children 5-12 years and advanced level children can join a more structured class where moves are taught in sequences and are also taught in more complex games for their developmental age and skill level.
Capoeira can take time to get the right technique, so persistence and coming regularly can help children build on their skills and improve their game.

Parents can join in, but we generally find that children quickly get over their nerves by interacting with their peers and parents enjoying watching the class from the sidelines! Children need to wear loose fitting clothing suitable for sports and can play in bare feet or soft soled shoes.
Please bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Kids classes
Saturdays (during school terms)

Littlies (3-5 years)

Big Kids (6-12 years)

Loftus Community Centre
2/99 Loftus St

Casual classes for $10

Term fees
$80 for one child
$60 per child in family groups

Call Beth for any questions regarding these classes on 0403 539 187 or Grao on 0414 076 655.